Ulf and Rag­nar, they rai­sed this sto­ne in memo­ry of Fari, their fat­her … Christi­an man. He had good beli­ef in God.

…This is what the runic inscrip­tion says on the sout­hern runesto­ne at Käll­by Hal­lar. The second, nort­hern, runesto­ne at Käll­by bears a runic descrip­tion and a lar­ge male figu­re car­ved on one side – per­haps this is the Nor­se god Thor? Both runesto­nes date from the Viking era, but one is pagan whi­le the other is Christian.

The sto­ne with the Christi­an inscrip­tion was moved here in the 17th cen­tu­ry. In addi­tion to the two runesto­nes the­re is a gra­ve field con­tai­ning three buri­al mounds and four sto­ne settings.

NOTE! Keep in mind that Käll­by Hal­lar is on pri­va­te pro­per­ty – ple­a­se show consideration!

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