In 1889 two boys acci­den­tal­ly disco­ve­red sym­bols that were car­ved in the mountain just east of Husa­by church.

The rock car­vings date from the Bron­ze Age, 1,500–1,000 years BCE, and form the lar­gest petro­glyph site in the Väs­ter­göt­land regi­on. The car­vings are spre­ad across ele­ven are­as and inclu­de shar­pe­ning groo­ves, bowl sha­pes, Bron­ze Age ships, human figu­res and sun crosses.

The sto­ne shel­ves here must have been an impor­tant pla­ce for the Bron­ze Age peop­le, and many of the rock car­vings may have had cere­mo­ni­al or reli­gi­ous significance.

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