Gökhem’s 12th-cen­tu­ry church has for the most part kept its ori­gi­nal look and is one of the best pre­ser­ved Medi­ae­val chur­ches in Västergötland. 

From the 12th to the 16th cen­tu­ry the­re were two chur­ches in Gök­hem; the pre­sent one and Över­kyr­ke, of which only ruins remain today. Two chur­ches situ­a­ted so clo­se­ly for such a long time natu­ral­ly breeds plen­ty of legends. Accor­ding to one of them, both Ger­man and Eng­lish monks sett­led in Gök­hem and each built a church of their own. This the­o­ry is sup­por­ted by the dif­fe­rent chan­cels; the straight chan­cel in Över­kyr­ke points to Eng­lish influ­ences whi­le Gökhem’s chan­cel with an apse points to Ger­man influences. 

Gökhem’s church is full of spectacu­lar pain­tings and you should make sure to have plen­ty of time for your visit, as you always disco­ver new things to see. The recor­ded gui­ded tour is a gre­at help to get the most out of your expe­ri­ence here.

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