At Fläms­lätt the­re is a pub­lic beach, a playground, and row­bo­ats and cano­es for hire.

Flamslätt’s con­fe­rence cent­re has been a site of youth and con­fir­ma­tion camps sin­ce the 1950s. The con­fe­rence cent­re is owned by the Church of Swe­den, but all are wel­come to go for a swim at the beach or have a picnic on the big lawn. The water of Fläm­sjön is clear and the bot­tom is san­dy, and the­re is plen­ty of fish. The­re is also a hiking trail of around nine kilo­metres that encir­cles the lake.

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Fläms­lätt and Fläm­sjön is loca­ted in the natu­re reser­ve Eaha­gen-Öglun­da ängar