Earth brings life

The first communities

The first com­mu­ni­ti­es and the first peop­le in the tab­le mountain lands­cape – what did the rocks and the soil mean to them? About 5,300 to 4,700 years befo­re, the peop­le who lived in Fal­byg­den cre­a­ted impres­si­ve con­struc­tions: The mega­lit­hic tombs. Ima­gi­ne how they must have drag­ged the boul­ders through the lands­cape to rai­se them over their dead!

Gre­at viking farms, monas­te­ri­es, kings, bloody batt­les and Swe­dish cru­sa­ders. The area between the tab­le mountains has been the sce­ne of impor­tant events in Swe­dish histo­ry. The fer­ti­le soil was the rea­son that lar­ge farms and com­mu­ni­ti­es grew right here.

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