Platåbergens Geopark contributes to achieving the global sustainable development goals, Agenda 2030, as well as the Swedish strategies for environmental quality, recreation, and cultural heritage. For more details, see our policy document.

The maxim “the table mountain landscape will be used, not used up” will govern the geopark’s work in tourism development on and around the table mountains. The landscape is a unique resource that will be used in tourism, but without endangering the chances of coming generations using the same resource.

Platåbergens Geopark has identified seven key conditions that must be met if the area is to be a sustainable destination:

  • Knowledge through making inventories and doing vulnerability analyses
  • Infrastructure in place
  • Clear division of roles/ownership
  • Visitor pressure spread over multiple areas
  • Prolonged season
  • Fossil free travelling is favoured
  • Information to visitors, e.g. about the Right of Public Access.

For a sustainable development to be implemented in the practical work, two key parts need to be in place. The first is the work/responsibilities of the municipalities, and the second is the work/responsibilities of other actors. A geopark can support both through information and materials.

The table mountain landscape should be used – not used up!

Geology tells our planet’s history. Throughout nature, there are unique geological sites which are of scientific and pedagogical importance, helping us understand our planet’s history and the evolution of life on Earth. These sites must be preserved. But geology is also the basis of biological diversity and human history, and the geological conditions are needed to preserve these values.

According to the prerequisites set up by UNESCO, a geopark must not be involved in any kind of extraction or selling of geological material – neither directly nor through a partner. We encourage everyone to enjoy the geology on-site, and we remind you that it is illegal under Swedish law to take any stones or rocks with you without the permission of the landowner. It is also illegal to chip off pieces of rock or to carve your name in the cliffs. Our geopark is going to be enjoyed by many generations of visitors in the future, so please be careful, show respect, and avoid littering and unnecessary wear on the land.