The views from Mös­se­berg look­out tower – the Eif­fel Tower of Väst­gö­tas­lät­ten – offer a bre­ath­ta­king impres­sion of the Väst­gö­tas­lät­ten plains.

From here, you can see Kin­ne­kul­le in the west, Ålle­berg in the south-east and Bil­ling­en in the north-east. The flat lands­cape was cre­a­ted as a result of ero­sion of the bed­rock around 600 mil­li­on years ago. At that time the cli­ma­te was very favou­rab­le for the ero­sion of the exis­ting gneiss bedrock.

The flat sur­fa­ce, or pene­plain, was then cove­red by mari­ne sedi­ments, of which we can still see impres­si­ve remains in the sedi­men­ta­ry rocks of the tab­le mountains. The lay­ers of sedi­ment that for­med the sand­sto­ne, sha­le and limesto­ne were depo­si­ted hori­zon­tal­ly on top of the alre­a­dy ero­ded gneiss, which is why the enti­re lands­cape is a plain.

Hit­ta Hit