In the 1890s it was discovered that a mineral called kolm, found in alum shale from Billingen, contained uranium.

When it was later discovered that the rare and sought-after element radium could also be extracted from kolm, plans were drawn up to extract and refine the mineral on an industrial scale. In spring 1909 a company called AB Kolm was formed, with the aim of mining kolm at Lilla Stolan and extracting uranium and radium from it. A limestone quarrying operation would be run in parallel.

There was a great deal of optimism about the company initially, but it soon ran into problems when the method for extracting radium was found to be unreliable. The kolm mineral also had a significantly lower radium content than was first estimated. Mining at Lilla Stolan was closed down just two years later.

Apart from the mining tunnels in the mountainside the company building at Lilla Stolan is the only remaining trace of the grand plans. A walking trail that starts from Sotarliden takes you past the old mines and the kilns.

Hitta Hit