Husa­by church with its impres­si­ve tri­p­le spi­re dating from the 11th cen­tu­ry is Sweden’s first bishop’s church and one of the oldest buil­dings in Swe­den today.

The inte­ri­or of the church still has a medi­e­val atmosphe­re. The font and tri­ump­hal cross insi­de the church date from the 13th cen­tu­ry, as does the bishop’s chair, which is one of the oldest pie­ces of Swe­dish furniture.

Husa­by is best known for the fact that Olof Sköt­ko­nung was bap­ti­sed here around 1000 CE. He was the first Christi­an king of Swe­den. He ruled from the 990s until his death in 1022, and is said to have been the first king to rule over both Sve­a­land and Götaland.

Next to the church we can see the remains of the bishop’s cast­le. The cast­le was pro­bably the royal farm of Olof Sköt­ko­nung, and later beca­me the Husa­by resi­dence of the bishops of Ska­ra, until the start of the Refor­ma­tion in 1527. The cast­le has under­go­ne seve­ral sta­ges of recon­struc­tion. The oldest part pro­bably dates from the 12th cen­tu­ry, but the­re are remains that are con­si­de­rably older.

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