The hig­hest part of Kin­ne­kul­le tab­le mountain is cal­led Hög­kul­len. If you enjoy pano­ra­mic views then a visit to the Kin­ne­kul­le look­out tower is a must.

The 19-met­re-high tower was built in 1892 on the 306-met­re-high peak, and the views from here are mag­ni­fi­cent. On a clear day you can see 80–90 kilo­metres across lake Vanern up towards Skog­hall and Karl­stad and the who­le of Värm­land­snäs. To the west are Kål­land, Kål­landsö island, Läckö cast­le and Hin­dens Rev. On the hori­zon you can see the who­le of the Dals­land sho­re­li­ne along lake Vänern, as well as Hal­le­berg and Hun­ne­berg. If you turn your gaze east you can see Bil­ling­en and the lands­cape stretching towards Karls­borg and Tive­den. To get some idea of just how good the view is from here it is worth men­tio­ning that you are stan­ding at the same height abo­ve lake Vänern as the hig­hest viewing plat­form of the Eif­fel Tower is abo­ve the ground, namely 276 metres! Right next to the tower stands Drott­ning­s­te­nen (the Queen’s sto­ne) and the royal sig­na­tu­res that were inscri­bed on the rock slabs almost 200 years ago.

On the path up to Drott­ning­s­te­nen the­re is a sign that says “André­es utgräv­ning” (Andrée’s exca­va­tion). This is whe­re the Swe­dish polar explo­rer Andrée car­ri­ed out a geo­lo­gi­cal exca­va­tion in 1901, in an attempt to deter­mi­ne whet­her Kin­ne­kul­le was a vol­ca­no or not.Högkullen is also an ide­al star­ting point for a hike to take in the natu­ral beau­ty of Kin­ne­kul­le. Seve­ral hiking trails run from here, and five popu­lar mountain-biking trails were cre­a­ted a couple of years ago.

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