The highest part of Kinnekulle table mountain is called Högkullen. If you enjoy panoramic views then a visit to the Kinnekulle lookout tower is a must.

The 19-metre-high tower was built in 1892 on the 306-metre-high peak, and the views from here are magnificent. On a clear day you can see 80–90 kilometres across lake Vanern up towards Skoghall and Karlstad and the whole of Värmlandsnäs. To the west are Kålland, Kållandsö island, Läckö castle and Hindens Rev. On the horizon you can see the whole of the Dalsland shoreline along lake Vänern, as well as Halleberg and Hunneberg. If you turn your gaze east you can see Billingen and the landscape stretching towards Karlsborg and Tiveden. To get some idea of just how good the view is from here it is worth mentioning that you are standing at the same height above lake Vänern as the highest viewing platform of the Eiffel Tower is above the ground, namely 276 metres! Right next to the tower stands Drottningstenen (the Queen’s stone) and the royal signatures that were inscribed on the rock slabs almost 200 years ago.

On the path up to Drottningstenen there is a sign that says “Andrées utgrävning” (Andrée’s excavation). This is where the Swedish polar explorer Andrée carried out a geological excavation in 1901, in an attempt to determine whether Kinnekulle was a volcano or not.Högkullen is also an ideal starting point for a hike to take in the natural beauty of Kinnekulle. Several hiking trails run from here, and five popular mountain-biking trails were created a couple of years ago.

Hitta Hit