Brunnhems­ber­get is loca­ted south of Bil­ling­en and is some­ti­mes regar­ded as a spur pro­jecting from that mountain. In turn, Tova­ber­get and Myg­ge­ber­get are some­ti­mes regar­ded as spurs pro­jecting to the north from Brunnhemsberget.

The gre­a­ter part of Brunnhems­ber­get is loca­ted in Fal­kö­ping muni­ci­pa­li­ty, but the nort­hern part belongs to Sköv­de muni­ci­pa­li­ty. The rocks in Brunnhems­ber­get are the same as in the other tab­le mountains: base­ment, sand­sto­ne, alum sha­le, limesto­ne, clay sha­le, and dole­ri­te. The dole­ri­te pla­teau has an ele­va­tion of 290 metres abo­ve sea level, with the hig­hest point at 295 metres abo­ve sea level.

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