The hig­hest point on Ålle­berg is 335 meters abo­ve sea level – making it the hig­hest of all the Väs­ter­göt­land tab­le mountains!

The mountain rises about 100 metres abo­ve the sur­rounding lands­cape, with steep dole­ri­te slo­pes to the north and a less steep appro­ach to the south. Ålle­berg is situ­a­ted on Falbygden’s limesto­ne pla­teau and the mountain itself con­si­sts of clay sha­le and dole­ri­te. Dole­ri­te is only found in the nort­hern sec­tion. The limesto­ne extends around the mountain and pro­vi­des fer­ti­le and nut­ri­ent-rich agricul­tural soil. The geo­lo­gy here favours par­ticu­lar types of plants, with bro­ad­le­af tre­es on the mountain slo­pes and spe­ci­es-rich mea­dowland and pasture.

Ålle­berg has been a popu­lar site for gli­ding sin­ce 1941, and the­re is still a gli­ding school and a gli­ding muse­um here today.

Hit­ta Hit

Ålle­berg is a natu­re reser­ve.