“How can archi­tectu­ral design trans­form and revi­ve an indust­ri­al lands­cape into a pla­ce for recre­a­tion and education?”

Tyra Wingren Berg­man and Elsa Sjö­blom are two archi­tectu­re stu­dents who stu­di­ed at Chal­mers and they cho­se to use Cemen­ta’s lar­ge quar­ry as their case study for their dis­ser­ta­tion on the trans­for­ma­tion of indust­ri­al are­as clo­se to the city. They wan­ted to inve­sti­ga­te how archi­tectu­re can make the pla­ce acces­sib­le to humans. And how what is built can strengthen the con­nec­tions between geo­lo­gy, bio­lo­gy and cul­tural histo­ry, in a peda­go­gi­cal way.

At the begin­ning of their rese­arch, they disco­ve­red Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park and con­tac­ted us to get gui­dan­ce, inspi­ra­tion and to hear our thoughts and ide­as about the quar­ry. In June 2021, they pre­sen­ted their work to us!

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