Projects & collaborations

Ongoing projects

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s LONA grant: Time travel – a table mountain experience for children and teenagers

We have received a grant from LONA to develop our activities for children and teenagers. The grant is used to create educational material and instructions for teachers and to develop the “Mini Ambassadors” concept. The project has a strong local foundation as we work with Biosphere Reserve Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle, as well as with museums and schools within the geopark area. The project is an outdoor venture of great social benefit as we make areas available for children.

The purpose is:

  • to give children and teenagers within the geopark area knowledge about their local environments through an educational effort, focussing on the table mountains and their special geology
  • to increase the children’s understanding of geology and the connections between geology, biology, and cultural history
  • to contribute to an increased understanding of the earth systems, including climate change
  • to provide schools and teachers with guidance, support, and material so that they can carry out the items above
  • to develop the Mini Ambassadors concept in collaboration with Biosphere Reserve Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle.


Platåbergens Geopark involves organisations, private businesses, volunteers and guides at four different levels.


Established organisations, e.g.:

  • Municipal organisations, nature schools, schools, community centres
  • Museums
  • Universities and university colleges
  • Nonprofit organisations
  • Tourist and destination companies.
Private businesses

Local businesses within the geopark area who offer:

  • Local products
  • Accommodation
  • Food

Residents in the geopark area who volunteer at various events.

Geopark guides

Tourist companies who collaborate with the geopark to arrange guided tours and events.

The following demands apply on all four levels of partnership with Platåbergens Geopark:

The organisations/businesses and the volunteers undertake to:

  • Be a good representative of the geopark, be informed about what a UNESCO Global Geopark is, what Platåbergens Geopark is, and how the geopark works to fulfil Agenda 2030.
  • Have taken at least one course or attended at least one educational session arranged by the geopark. For organisations, at least one person from the organisation must have attended a course or educational session.
  • Not be involved in any kind of sale of geological material or encourage trade in or collection of rocks or minerals.
  • Guarantee that the geopark logotype is reproduced correctly. When using the geopark logo on larger printed material, such as brochures, geopark staff must give their approval before printing.
  • Show the geopark as a partner on their website and social media, and link to the geopark website.
  • Always check with geopark staff before making statements or communicating with the media about the geopark. Only geopark staff may make statements to the media as representatives of the geopark; partners make statements as representatives of their respective organisations or as private actors.

The organisations/businesses and the volunteers have the right to:

  • Be made visible on the geopark website and in social media.
  • Use the Platåbergens Geopark logo on their own website, in printed material and, after special agreement, on local products.
  • Participate free of charge in study circles and further education arranged by the geopark.
  • Receive free commercial products, e.g. brochures, pins, t-shirts etc. from the geopark.
  • Organisations and volunteers receive a diploma or a sign that they may display at their establishment.

Collaboration with Biosphere Reserve Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle

Platåbergens Geopark overlaps with Biosphere Reserve Lake Vänern Archipelago and Mount Kinnekulle. To avoid competition while finding sustainable forms of cooperation, we have developed a collaboration strategy.

Strategy for collaboration 2019–2024:

  • The Biosphere Reserve supports Platåbergens Geopark’s application to UNESCO in the autumn of 2019 through a letter of support.
  • The Biosphere Reserve and Platåbergens Geopark have a common meeting once a year (in November) to update the collaboration strategy and look into opportunities for collaboration for the coming year.
  • The Biosphere Reserve and Platåbergens Geopark have as a routine to keep each other updated on project funding being applied for, so as to not compete for funding.
  • In 2019 and 2020, we prioritize collaboration around the Biosphere Route and collaboration on a shared event.
  • Other collaboration, e.g. around ecosystem services.

Other collaborations

We collaborate with all tourism organizations within our area, these are:
Visit Trollhättan Vänersborg, Grästorp turism, Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle, Visit Mariestad, Skara turism, Next Skövde, samt Falköping turism.

Other collaboration parters are: