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Ongoing projects

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, LONA: conservation plan for geological heritage sites

An important part of a geopark’s activities is to work for the conservation and sustainable use of geological sites. As a part of this work, we want to make an inventory of geological tourist attractions within the geopark, in order to increase knowledge and draw up a conservation plan for geological heritage sites. A geopark can value, make an inventory of, and provide information about geological natural values which should be considered in the conservation of nature as well as in physical planning.

The inventories and conservation plans should be usable in the development of outdoor life and tourism in the area, as well as in forming a ground for nature conservation efforts, such as municipal conservation programmes.

The aim is to:

• Contribute to a sustainable management of the geological natural heritage

• Build knowledge by making an inventory of geological attractions in the geopark

• Identify vulnerable geological attractions and suggest actions

• Compile a report, “Conservation Plan for Geological Heritage in Platåbergens Geopark”, which can be used as a ground for municipal or regional conservation programmes

• Use the report as a part of the work to be approved as a UNESCO Global Geopark, but also as a document which can be used by municipalities, nature conservation agencies, and the tourism industry.


The European Union Rural Development Programme: development through storytelling

The geopark has received funds to develop tourism in the geopark area (i.e. provide information to tourists and attract more visitors to rural areas). We want to develop the table mountains region as a tourist destination through storytelling, which we use as a tool to inform about the unique natural and cultural heritages that we have in Platåbergens Geopark. Within the framework of the project, we will draw up a strategy for the work with storytelling, develop a digital platform (web page, social media, app), develop innovative sign solutions and put up signs with modern design in the region, and work with new, innovative publications and exhibitions.     

The aim is to:

• Market the table mountains region as a uniform tourist destination

• Make visible the attractive value of the table mountains landscape

• Develop the table mountains region into a strong tourist destination

• Spread knowledge about the region’s geology, natural geography, biology, and cultural history

• Make the table mountains region visible and visually accessible to a wide public, and thereby increase the number of visitors in the area.

Total cost: 2.16 million SEK, of which the Rural Development Programme contributes with 65 %.

The rest of the funds will come from participating municipalities and the savings bank foundations Åse-Viste, Lidköping, and Alfa.


Geology and landscape – programme for children and youth

In 2019 we receive financial support of total 300 000 sek from the savings bank foundations Åse-Viste, Lidköping, Skaraborg and Alfa (in collaboration with Swedbank). The money will be used for various initiatives aimed at children and young people, such as a comic magazine, teacher training, and collaborations with the nature school at Hunnerberg and Vänermuseet.