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In November 2019 we sent in an application to become Sweden’s first UNESCO Global Geopark. Status as a UNESCO Global Geopark is a mark of quality and demonstrates that the natural and cultural environments around us deserve international recognition. The aspiring geopark will help create a common identity in the area and give the local people an increased pride in their region. The aspiring geopark covers a total area of 3690 km2.

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The aspiring Platåbergens Geopark is a cooperation between nine municipalities: Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Grästorp, Lidköping, Götene, Skara, Mariestad, Skövde and Falköping. The geopark office is in Grästorp.

The basic funding for Platåbergens Geopark comes from the nine municipalities, which together provide approximately € 45,000 (SEK 450,000) per year. In addition to that, we have basic fundings from Skaraborg’s and Fyrbodal’s associations of local authorities. We also have procet fundings from the European Regional Development Fund, LONA funds from the Swedish Environmen- tal Protection Agency, and funds from various savings bank foundations.

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Anna Bergengren

Geopark manager and geoscientist
phone: +4673-910 89 51

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Sofia Hultman

Tourism developer
phone: +4673-247 03 06

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Henrik Theodorsson

Communications Officer
phone: +4673-621 76 22


Platåbergens Geopark

Kulturhuset in Grästorp / Grästorps kommun
Oskarsgatan 25
46730 Grästorp