1700 million years until today

A geopark is an area where the geology is of international importance – something that’s unique in the world. We’re saying that the table mountain landscape has that. Both the table mountains themselves, but also the peneplain, the bedrock surface on which the table mountains rest, and the quaternary geological deposits from the ice age are truly special and should be acknowledged.

In a geopark you educate about the connections between geology, biology, people and cultural history. A geopark gives an increased understanding of how we best manage our natural resources and our planet.

But it also provides opportunities for positive rural development, through developed tourism and activities and school programs for children and young adults. Visitors and residents of Table Mountain Geopark will be able to learn more about the mountains and their surroundings.

Here you can experience winding historical stories and happenings through hiking trails, exhibitions, dramas, guided tours and with help from exciting VR technology and animations.

The area of the proposed geopark extends over nine municipalities: Vänersborg, Trollhättan, Grästorp, Lidköping, Götene, Mariestad, Skara, Skövde and Falköping, with the municipality of Grästorp as project owner.

A piece of Earth’s history


Earth brings life


Rocks for a living


The mountains are alive




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