Visit the table mountains

Regardless of the level of adventure, there is much to discover, experience and explore on and around the table mountains. From contemplative pilgrimage to adrenaline rush on a mountain bike. From the origin of the bedrock to today’s remains of quarries and ruins. Here you will find everything you need to get around the table mountain landscape.

Discover Platåbergens Geopark

Discover Platåbergens Geopark and learn more about planet Earth’s exiting history. In the app you find more than 100 sites of geological interest. By visiting geological sites in the table mountain landscape, you can travel in time – several million years. The puzzle pieces are out there, in the landscape.

Do you want to discover them and join the travel through time?

Download the app where apps are found or scan the QR-code.

20 selected locations

A neat brochure to to bring when discovering the plateau mountain landscape. Discover twenty selected sights connected to our four storytelling themes; A piece of Earth’s history, Earth brings life, Rocks for a living and The mountains are alive. Map and coordinates of each location makes it easy to find.

Download (PDF)

A printed version of the brochure can be found at the tourist offices in the geopark area.

Discover the table mountain landscape by public transport, bike, kayak or by foot

There are many possibilities to discover the table mountain landscape in a sustainable way. Here you find information about public transport, hiking and biking trails.

Public transport

Kinnekulle line is a 121-kilometer (75 mi) long unelectrified single track railway over the table mountain Kinnekulle. The line is voted the most beautiful train line in Sweden. For timetables and more information, visit

Västtrafik has 24-hour and 72-hour tickets are ideal for tourists or anyone who needs to do a lot of travelling in a short period of time. The tickets are valid on trains, buses, trams and ferries for 24 or 72 hours from the time of activation.


If you want to experience Sweden’s largest lake by kayak, check out this site:

A rock-solid pledge

I pledge to be a responsible tourist.


I will use the table mountain landscape, not use it up.


I will collect experiences without collecting rocks.


When i go into nature, I will adhere to the right of public access.


And when i pitch my tent, I will not harm nature nor disturb the landowner.


When I explore new places I will leave them as i found them.


I will follow the special regulations that apply to protected areas.


I will be prepared for all weather, all possibilities and all adventures.

The table mountain landscape should be used – not used up!

Geology tells our planet’s history. Throughout nature, there are unique geological sites which are of scientific and pedagogical importance, helping us understand our planet’s history and the evolution of life on Earth. These sites must be preserved. But geology is also the basis of biological diversity and human history, and the geological conditions are needed to preserve these values.

According to the prerequisites set up by UNESCO, a geopark must not be involved in any kind of extraction or selling of geological material – neither directly nor through a partner. We encourage everyone to enjoy the geology on-site, and we remind you that it is illegal under Swedish law to take any stones or rocks with you without the permission of the landowner. It is also illegal to chip off pieces of rock or to carve your name in the cliffs. Our geopark is going to be enjoyed by many generations of visitors in the future, so please be careful, show respect, and avoid littering and unnecessary wear on the land.

Destination companies & tourist offices

Do you want to get information about accommodation, food and activities in the table mountain area? Then visit the websites of our various destination companies and tourist information:


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