Visit the tab­le mountains

Regard­less of the level of adven­tu­re, the­re is much to disco­ver, expe­ri­ence and explo­re on and around the tab­le mountains. From con­temp­la­ti­ve pil­gri­mage to adre­na­li­ne rush on a mountain bike. From the ori­gin of the bed­rock to today’s remains of quar­ri­es and ruins. Here you will find eve­ryt­hing you need to get around the tab­le mountain landscape.

Disco­ver Pla­tå­ber­gens Geopark

Disco­ver Pla­tå­ber­gens Geo­park and learn more about pla­net Earth’s exi­ting histo­ry. In the app you find more than 100 sites of geo­lo­gi­cal inte­rest. By visi­ting geo­lo­gi­cal sites in the tab­le mountain lands­cape, you can tra­vel in time – seve­ral mil­li­on years. The puzz­le pie­ces are out the­re, in the landscape.

Do you want to disco­ver them and join the tra­vel through time?

Down­lo­ad the app whe­re apps are found or scan the QR-code.

20 selec­ted locations

A neat brochu­re to to bring when disco­ve­ring the pla­teau mountain lands­cape. Disco­ver twen­ty selec­ted sights con­nec­ted to our four sto­ry­tel­ling the­mes; A pie­ce of Eart­h’s histo­ry, Earth brings life, Rocks for a living and The mountains are ali­ve. Map and coor­di­na­tes of each loca­tion makes it easy to find.

Down­lo­ad (PDF)

A prin­ted ver­sion of the brochu­re can be found at the tou­rist offi­ces in the geo­park area.

Disco­ver the tab­le mountain lands­cape by pub­lic trans­port, bike, kay­ak or by foot

The­re are many pos­si­bi­li­ti­es to disco­ver the tab­le mountain lands­cape in a sustai­nab­le way. Here you find infor­ma­tion about pub­lic trans­port, hiking and biking trails.

Pub­lic transport

Kin­ne­kul­le line is a 121-kilo­me­ter (75 mi) long une­lect­ri­fi­ed sing­le track rail­way over the tab­le mountain Kin­ne­kul­le. The line is voted the most beau­ti­ful train line in Swe­den. For time­ta­bles and more infor­ma­tion, visit

Väst­tra­fik has 24-hour and 72-hour tic­kets are ide­al for tou­rists or anyo­ne who needs to do a lot of tra­vel­ling in a short peri­od of time. The tic­kets are valid on trains, buses, trams and fer­ri­es for 24 or 72 hours from the time of activation.


If you want to expe­ri­ence Sweden’s lar­gest lake by kay­ak, check out this site:

A rock-solid pledge

I pled­ge to be a respon­sib­le tourist.


I will use the tab­le mountain lands­cape, not use it up.


I will col­lect expe­ri­ences wit­hout col­lecting rocks.


When i go into natu­re, I will adhe­re to the right of pub­lic access.


And when i pit­ch my tent, I will not harm natu­re nor disturb the landowner.


When I explo­re new pla­ces I will lea­ve them as i found them.


I will follow the spe­ci­al regu­la­tions that app­ly to pro­tec­ted areas.


I will be pre­pa­red for all weat­her, all pos­si­bi­li­ti­es and all adventures.

The tab­le mountain lands­cape should be used – not used up!

Geo­lo­gy tells our planet’s histo­ry. Throug­hout natu­re, the­re are uni­que geo­lo­gi­cal sites which are of sci­en­ti­fic and peda­go­gi­cal impor­tan­ce, hel­ping us understand our planet’s histo­ry and the evo­lu­tion of life on Earth. The­se sites must be pre­ser­ved. But geo­lo­gy is also the basis of bio­lo­gi­cal diver­si­ty and human histo­ry, and the geo­lo­gi­cal con­di­tions are nee­ded to pre­ser­ve the­se values. 

Accor­ding to the pre­requi­si­tes set up by UNE­SCO, a geo­park must not be invol­ved in any kind of extrac­tion or sel­ling of geo­lo­gi­cal mate­ri­al – neit­her direct­ly nor through a part­ner. We encou­rage eve­ry­o­ne to enjoy the geo­lo­gy on-site, and we remind you that it is ille­gal under Swe­dish law to take any sto­nes or rocks with you wit­hout the per­mis­sion of the lan­dow­ner. It is also ille­gal to chip off pie­ces of rock or to car­ve your name in the cliffs. Our geo­park is going to be enjoyed by many gene­ra­tions of visi­tors in the futu­re, so ple­a­se be care­ful, show respect, and avo­id lit­te­ring and unne­ces­sa­ry wear on the land. 

Des­ti­na­tion com­pa­ni­es & tou­rist offices

Do you want to get infor­ma­tion about accom­mo­da­tion, food and acti­vi­ti­es in the tab­le mountain area? Then visit the web­si­tes of our vari­ous des­ti­na­tion com­pa­ni­es and tou­rist information:


A rural dream for acti­ve people


Ska­ra is a cosy small town, full of life and opti­mism and with a mil­le­ni­al history!


Long san­dy beaches, magi­cal­ly beau­ti­ful forests,  hiking trails with bre­ath­ta­king views, qua­li­ty restau­rants and worldclass culture.


Wel­come to Mari­estad — the pearl of Lake Vänern!


This is the pla­ce that offers lots of natu­re expe­ri­ences, fun acti­vi­ti­es and inte­re­s­ting pla­ces to see


Two citi­es clo­se to each other that offers a wide vari­e­ty of sights and acti­vi­ti­es for you to enjoy.


As our guest, we invi­te you to enjoy our uni­que cul­tural heri­tage, our fasci­na­ting lands­cape, and our local food traditions.